Perhaps the most precious thing on the planet, good water is hard to come by. Today, the water resources at our disposal are fast depleting or becoming contaminated with over exploitation. Usable water is becoming scarce. Tecqua promoted by ASL Water Solutions makes the difference by providing quality water according to your requirements. We meet residential and industrial requirements with the right mix and configuration to deliver top quality water.

A decade of safe water

ASL Water Solutions is a decade old quality service provider reaching out to customers across Kerala. Set up with the vision to provide sustainable water solutions for wide and varied uses, ASL water solutions is led by a team which has years of technical experience and expertise.  Presently ASL has offices at Ernakulam and Thrissur. ASL has various teams that include testing team, design & configuration team, Installation team and customer support team.

Often, the water that is available through corporation/municipality or well/ bore well has many impurities that need to be cleared before it is made good to use.  Tecqua offer water filtration sytems that can be connected in the distribution line. The configuration is decided after testing the quality of input water.

The water after passing through Tecqua Water Systems is

  • Odourless: Pungent  odour is often a problem in regions with high level of pollution. Tecqua water systems remove this problem of bad odour. The water available to you is made absolutely odourless.

  • Colourless: Water may have a different colour due to a number of reasons. It may be due to suspended impurities or dissolved impurities. Tecqua Water systems addresses this problem effectively and provides you with colourless water.

  • Not turbid: Turbidity is a common issue in several areas in urban as well as rural neighbourhoods. The water systems by Tecqua make the water clear as a crystal. It removes turbidity altogether.

  • Iron removed:  Iron, phosphorous, and traces of other undesirable ions are injurious to health.  Tecqua water systems helps remove these. At times, chlorine dosing is also done to further enhance quality of water.

  • Residual calcium removed: Residual calcium in water causes temporary hardness. The presence can be regulated by boiling. However, this solution is not viable for home uses like bathing and washing. Tecqua water systems removes it making water more usable.